Info Page/FAQ’s

Who do we service: 

Agents based in New Hampshire.  We will drive where you need us.  Mileage charges may apply over a 15 mile radius from Gilford, NH.  Please see Terms & Conditions.

Confirmation E-mails: 

They may be in your junk e-mail folder.

No calendar invite,  How will I know when my appointment is?: 

a.  When your appointment is booked you, your co-agent (if indicated) will recieve a confirmation email and the homeowner (if added) will receive a welcome text.

b.  The listings page!  Once you log in (follow instructions below) click on Listings at the top to view all of your appointments and their current status. 

c.  The day before your appointment; you, your co-agent and homeowner will recieve a text message.

d.  One appointment prior (day of) you, your co-agent and homeowner will receive a text message. 

How do I log in? (Log in here)

a. If you were a Featured Agent as of 6/26/23 simply log in with your e-mail or phone number.  We have already set up an account for you.  Simply click on the link above and log in with your e-mail or phone number.

b. If we have have already booked a listing on your behalf and you have received a confirmation e-mail from (check your junk mail!) then simply click on the link above and log in with your e-mail or phone number.

c. If you are a non-featured agent and we have not already booked an appointment for you please create an account to get started. 

Account Set Up:  (Log in here)

a.  If you are a Featured Agent as of 6/26/23, an account has been set up for you.  Simply enter your phone number or e-mail to log in.

b. Once you have booked your first appointment using your e-mail or cell number (e-mail recommended)- Go to the top right corner of the page where your name is displayed and pull down to settings.  You only need to update the My Profile and Account Managers & Contacts sections.  We will not be using Order pages, Billing Details or Payment Methods at this time.

c. Confirmation Texts - Enter your phone number and we will send you a text reminder 24 hours before and ETA when we are on our way.

Order Now:

When logged into the scheduling platform (Spiro) simply click on Order Now to book more appointments and enter all pertinent information.  Remember to attach tax maps when appropriate and let us know all the features and details to highlight when on site.  You can also make floorplan label suggestions, descriptions for property etc... at this time.


a. View what you have on deck at any time.

     i. You will see an icon for the confirmation page for a listing where you can add more comments, reschedule, or cancel. 

        ii. You will also see an icon to view the order details.

b. With onsite work complete we shift to the website

c.  Once you have received the delivery e-mail and your order is completed, you will see more icons under your listing on the Listings page.  We are not using these icons currently so please refer to the delivery e-mail or website.


We will not be utilizing this page but will continue to bill through the website.